In memoriam


Josh of the silly smile and unwavering sweet nature, still a puppy at heart, is dead at 10, of unsuspected cancer, only two days after we realized he was sick.



For the last few years he settled down enough to travel with us without making us crazy.  He rode in his kennel in the RV - still too hyper to be loose -- but as soon as we parked he assumed the station he preferred, in the passenger seat. 








He went everyplace we did - skiing, camping, traveling.  We took substantial RV trips with four people plus Josh. This was vital to our safety; he defended us against deer, ducks, squirrels, and other fearsome dangers.







He was originally a foundling.  I picked him up in a storm at the Desert place during the Thanksgiving holiday in 1997.  He was 6 months old, but starving, wet, cold, lost, and miserable.  But still friendly.  He was his adult height but very very thin.

Once you pick up a lost starving dog and feed him you are well on the way to an overweight dog.




It wasn't just stacia & paul & ned.  Josh got along with everybody.


I haven't the foggiest idea of how we're going to get along without him.


I have ten years of Josh pictures.  Click here for a couple dozen more

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