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June 2018
Scenery in NV, UT, CO

A trip through the Rockies with Katina and John --
Mountains, dogs, people, flowers, aerial shots.
74 images. 3 sizes for all.

Warning - not phone-friendly. If you must use a tiny screen, try turning it horizontally. Then perhaps the controls will be visible with the naked eye.

Thanksgiving 2017
Desert insanity

Much to tell. New table(!) and bar, both built by Will. As usual, a diverse collection of strange people having a good time and overeating.

51 images. Hi-res available for all.

31 July 2016
Chris's Birthday

A scant few pictures of a nice occasion
8 images in 3 sizes

29 April 2016
For their anniversary...

Pictures from Will & Brylene's 1993 Wedding
25 images, including hi-res

22 Feb 2016
For her birthday, a few pictures of Pam

Was it only a year ago we were celebrating her birthday?
Nine images

28 Feb 2015
Pam's birthday!

Friends, family, and bubbles by Connor
13 1600x1200 images

4 March 2015
Tova feeding the chickadees

Carol Peters and her granddaughter meet the dinosaurs
The most gratifying photo subject of the year

25 1600x1200 images

17 February 2015
Chickadee aerobatics!

Mary feeds a feisty flock in the mornings

The last of the dinos, and a photographer's dream.
Quick shutter speeds show their architcture. They amaze me.

30 images

8 January 2015
Chance and Gloria!

They were here for a week after Christmas
3 images each

30 December - special feature
Why so many autistic kids??

The nicest Christmas gift: I'm spending this week with Chance and Gloria. But the better I know Gloria, the more I wonder about the autism that dominates her life.
US autism diagnoses
1975: 1 child in 5000
2004 (when Gloria was born): 1 in 166
Now: 1 in 66—and climbing fast
Correlates with increased use of Roundup on corn and soy

Get Roundup out of the food supply!
Look through this scary slideshow from MIT

27 November
Thanksgiving craziness

With the usual suspects, plus a full supporting cast
of dogs, cripples, and geriatric celebrants
(And Chance)
30 images

13-22 June
A ten-day trip starting on Friday the thirteenth?
What were we thinking?

It was Glorious, but Chancey.
Lots of pretty places.
A zillion images

More of Chance and Gloria!
A retrospective of their younger days, posted in 2013

Chance and Gloria are eight, both born in the summer of 2004, only a month apart in age but separated by a generation. Chance is Aidan's youngest; Gloria is Alex's daughter, Chris's granddaughter. They have hung out together at family gatherings since they were three. 44 images taken over that time (1200x800 available)

31 May - 1 June

The Royers kindly took me in Saturday night
Eleven images
Multiple sizes available

31 May
James & Sophie are a year old!

Mary and Chance attended. Mary had a pocketcam
Eight images

RIP Shadow

Katina's horse since she was ten

A family picture from the vast Kenney archives (thanks, Tim!)

L-R: Patrick, Betty, Pat, Teddy, John, Pam

20 April 2014
We often went to the desert for Easter, and often for Pat's birthday.
An Easter day birthday would surely have taken us there.

A selection of mostly familiar pictures for Pat's 98th
19 images

7 July 2013
Finally! Pictures of Gloria's ninth birthday

With Chance and others
22 images; 1600x1200available for all
(plus a 62-image Gloria retrospective)

7 January 2014
James turns fifteen

... in the company of the usual suspects
9 images; 1600x1200available for all
(plus a secret benefit: a 37-image retrospective of the younger James)

21 December
Alex graduates from Sac State

Left to right: Nicole; Alex's friend Sarah Leavitt; Ned; Gloria; Carolyn; Alex; Chris; Mary
12 images; 1600x1200available for all

3 December
Family photos from 1952

She was 73!
28 images. 1200x800 available for all

November 21

Pilot screwup, big time - 6 minutes of audio between McConnell AFB tower and the 747 monster cargo plane that landed at Jabara airport by mistake last night, 8 miles N of McConnell. The clip is 6 minutes long and worth every minute. It gets worse and worse. He lands at the wrong airport, doesn't know where he is, doesn't know which way he is from McConnell. Terminal embarrassment. Hello???

Also I found a nice clip of today's takeoff. Look soon. It won't last.

7 September
Bill Royer's Birthday..

With two fantastic Royerlets
30 images. 1200x800 available

27 June
Eric Oksen's amazing bird houses

He makes them by hand out of recycled wood.
There are different basic styles, and no two are quite alike.

19 images. 1600x1200 available

Two June gatherings with people we've known for a long time
16 June
Eric and Sandy Oksen

Graduation party for Jillian and Ethan
25 images. 1600x1200 available.
22 June
Chris and Sally Earnest

50th Anniversary celebration
53 images. 1600x1200 available.

9 June
Thistle extermination update

9 June

She'll be nine in a few weeks.
She's spends time on reading, violin, iPad games. She loves plants and animals and hanging out by the stream at our place. She's hardly a little girl any more. Her voice no longer shatters glass, and for these pictures she brushed her own hair.
Five images shot this very day -- 1600x1200 available

8 June
Family visit, with Chance and Gloria

We appeared in Sacramento with Chance to celebrate Ned's 26th. Pictures of Ned, Nicole, Alex, Mary, with starring appearances by Chance and Gloria, and special coverage of Carolyn's succulent garden.
24 images -- 1600x1200 available

13 May
Botany lesson

From Chance

12 May
Photos of an extraordinary place

Fossil Falls
38 images

12 May
Thistle extermination update

8 May
Family journal

Mary talking with Jody, January 2003
(50 minutes, audio only)

Archive of previous posts
(April 2013 has moved to the archive)


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