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Revised 14 April 2013

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Zion Canyon at Sunset
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A simple and effective technique


11 April: Panoramas

Stitchery by a high-quality freeware tool.
10 April
The monster Wisteria that ate the world

Somebody planted this a long time ago and ignored it until it was too late. Now it goes where it pleases. The biggest Wisteria I have seen.
Click for six pictures.

Springtime in the garden

An incredible 2013 spring display
A compendium of D800 shots
28 March
Rainy morning

The springtime that keeps on giving

A dozen photos
24 March 2013
Late afternoon light

Maples and Magnolias
in a magical light
Selected landscapes
from a September 2012 trip

Dinosaur, Yellowstone, and more:
37 images (1600x1200)

Other landscapes

My original gallery of landscapes:
Over 100 images, 2001-2010