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Revised 14 April 2013

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I have major plans for this page -- photo albums of the guilty and innocent alike. Nobody will escape.

To start, I have collected a few family events from past postings.

14 April

Bob Hosler (10 April, 1912 - 9 October 1995)

Brilliant, multi-talented, and problematic, Bob was difficult to live with or even understand, but always interesting. He made his living as a Hollywood film cameraman, but was also a builder/contractor, nurseryman, and recognized bamboo expert.

Bob spent the last 25 years of his life in paranoid seclusion, writing tens of thousands of pages of journals, screenplays, and letters; I have much of this material and hope to put extracts on this site.

Herewith a modest selection of images, to commemorate his 101st birthday.

12 April
Little girls

Chance and Gloria are eight, both born in the summer of 2004, only a month apart in age but separated by a generation. Chance is Aidan's youngest; Gloria is Alex's daughter, Chris's granddaughter. They have hung out together at family gatherings since they were three. 44 images taken over that time (1200x800 available)
7 April 2013
Sisters: snapshots of the elders

Pat, Dot, and Mimi -- about 80 images,
with lots of bycatch.
3 April 2013
Mystery woman

A few pictures of Chance,
Mary, and Easter garden flowers
27 March 2013
Grandchildren growing up

Recent pictures of James and Chance
28 January 2013
Memories of Anita

Including pictures of the memorial
15 January 2013
Finally! Jody's picture trove

Snapshots of Mary's family

29 December 2012
Family gathering, with 8-year-olds

Gloria and Chance at New Year's
4 December 2012
First anniversary

Katina and John: the backstory album, 2004-2011

Thanksgiving 2012

Insanity runs in the family
At the desert, of course
11 November 2012
A birthday gathering
for Aidan & Tom Hjerpe

Both 46. Is that bizarre, or what?
7 August 2012
Nicole and Ned's wedding
Gloria and Chance as flowergirls
7 December 2011
Wedding festivities in East Koldistan

John & Katina marry in the Rockies
30 December 2009
Closing out the year with Gloria and Chance
Pictures from a year-end visit


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