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--- 2012 ---

29 December
Family gathering, with 8-year-olds

Gloria and Chance confront the New Year's Fairy
20 December
Scientific proof at last

They DON'T know how at birth. They are TAUGHT
(How to make nutritionist-approved Christmas cookies safely in your own home
5 December
Burney Falls

The prettiest waterfall in California
There's a first anniversary coming up

Katina and John: the backstory album, 2004-2011

[click here for the 12/7/11 wedding album]
3 December: Big storm
The stream looks like this except during big storms...

click for full size in separate window
... when it morphs into a monster that eats mountains and sounds like a DC-10 on a test stand.

show full screen & HD for scariest effect

3 December: quick reading

A short story

27 November: maple leaves rule

click for 1200x800

...but a few more are ready to fall

click for 1200x800

Thanksgiving 2012

Insanity runs in the family

Revealed at last: the SECRET JUNIPER
A birthday gathering for Aidan & Tom Hjerpe

Both 46. Is that bizarre, or what?

Pictures from a September trip to Yellowstone
5 November 2012

I promised myself 50 years ago that I would never start another beginning violinist. (More fallout from the trip to the sierras)
3 November 2012

A sierra trip for Mary's birthday, with Chance (A few pictures of little girls, aspens, water, dogs, and caves)
27 Sept 2012

A few shots of Mark & Tresa & their dogs
27 Oct 2012

Chance, happy at the approach of Halloween
22 Aug 2012

James (aka Justice) and Mary
17 Aug 2012
Low-cost housing for mud fairies

Chance at eight

(Mud Fairies optional, extra charge)
7 Aug 2012
Nicole and Ned's wedding

Wall-to-wall 8-year-olds

--- 2010-2011 ---

26 Dec 2011
Gloria and Chance at 7
The day after Christmas
7 Dec 2011
Wedding festivities in East Koldistan

John & Katina marry in the Rockies
Mammoth Mountain, February - April 2010
Mountain scenery & ski pictures

--- 2009 ---

New Year's Eve parade, downtown Santa Cruz
Unidentified young lady, dancing to fiddle music played by a bear riding a rickshaw... Who said there was no culture in Santa Cruz?
More parade pictures

Pictures of rickshaw preparation

Sentinel article (with Chance's picture)

30 December
Closing out 2009 with Gloria and Chance (and others)
Pictures from a year-end visit

16 December
Beethoven's birthday

It's cold and grey in the redwoods, but the maples are still providing color...
8 December

A few pictures of Justice and Chance
26 November
Family madness with lots of food

Thanksgiving Day at the desert
14 November 2009
birthday fun

Mary's 75th!

14 November 2009
What's going on here???

View from on high
7 November 2009
Desecration of the planet

Olive Springs Quarry as seen from Highland Ave, with Santa Cruz and Lighthouse Point in the background.. Very chilly today, but the air was clear enough to highlight the ugly scar.

Halloween 2009!

It's always the children who cause the problems, but they're very entertaining
22 October
Have you ever seen so damn many ladybugs?

Small part of large two-day off-site group meeting, completely covering an area of perhaps 200 sq. ft.

And you thought Google hadn't changed the world?

The Island of Needles!

I'll bet you thought Needles was that drab desert town on the Colorado, in the southeastern corner of California. Right? Wrong! It's on the coast! In San Francisco bay! Click for details...

September 1
RIP Big Tujunga Canyon

Victims of the Station Fire

May 2005, looking up upper Big Tujunga Canyon. Behind the foreground yuccas many more dot the hills. Now Eric's former house,  these yuccas, this entire canyon and range, are ashes, mingled with the charred remains of millions of animals. The fire burned nearly 200 square miles of mountain scenery in the San Gabriels, a third of the Angeles National Forest. It won't recover during my lifetime.

August 16
Finally, a birthday party for Chance
Chance's fifth birthday

It was smoky in Santa Cruz, but Gloria brought her family anyway. Chance gave Gloria and me a personal tour of the community garden. Once again the song & candles & cake worked flawlessly.

August 12-14: Into the woods with Justice and Chance

Camping at Butano

Wait! Haven't we done all this? (see scanned slides) What's going on here?? AGAIN??? With a new generation of kids??

July 25
A high-energy family gathering, starring Gloria and Chance

Birthday party for Chris
Gloria's fifth birthday:
Further adventures of Gloria and Chance

We visit Sacramento with Justice and Chance to sing the song for a very conversational young lady.
Justice's 10th birthday


Oct. '08: The Elephant is sold

July '08: Gloria turns FOUR

Chance's 4th birthday

Chance and Ranger at the beach
23 August 2007

Gloria and Chance

24 June 2007 - The four elementals -
Children, dogs, water, and sand
17 June 2007

T. L. Ranger

27 May 2007
Heartbreak: in memory of Josh
12 May 2007
Fancy show caves division

Ozark Caverns
13-19 May

Food and music with Peggy and Paul
9-13 April 2007

Waterfalls and caves with Justice

Gloria and friends: 3 March 2007

Chance at the Park: 1/26/2007

Annals of Piracy: 8th birthday

Chance at the park - election day
22 October 2006

GLORIA! (and family)
October 2006

Camping with Justice

Justice, September 2006

Sierra Trip, September 2006

23 August 2006: Playing by the stream

11 August 2006: Second birthday


--- 1997-2003 ---

Nov 27, 2003

Thanksgiving photos
September 2000

Stream repair project
May 1998

Desert flowers in an El Niņo year
Feb 7, 1998

El Niņo: An even bigger storm
Feb 2, 1998

El Niņo comes to Soquel
Jan 1998

Nick (generation gap)
Christmas 1997

Christmas at the desert
Thanksgiving 1997

Thanksgiving at the Desert
July 1997

Pat & Dot at the desert