Veterans day 2012: A gathering of Hoslers, Hjerpes, and Ringers

Tom and family spent the weekend in this area, and we spent time with them in celebration of Tom's and Aidan's 46th birthdays. Alice and Steve Ringer fed us a great meal (thanks!). Steve's brother Brian and friend Terry arrived from Seattle and Nashville respectively. Aidan and Tom knew Steve and Brian Ringer, and Terry, long ago.

The kids, youngest to oldest, are Aidan's daughter Chance; Brian's son Lucas; Aidan's son James (Justice); and Tom & Audi's daughter Julia.

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It was very pretty Sunday evening at the lighthouse ...

Aidan's rickshaw clients

Sunday night at Aidan's house

Monday night at Steve & Alice's house

Pop quiz: who does Julia look like?

Answer: all of the above. It's enough to make a man believe in genetics
(Audi 11/12/2012; Lucy 12/9/1973)

Bonus pic: Aidan and Tom -- October, 1975

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