T. L. (The lone) Ranger





Can you believe that this dog is a monster?  Devil dog? Terror of many lands?  Believe it.























Needless to say, we should have known better, with the curly tail and bright eye and all, and no, we haven't forgotten our new guinea wild dogs.  Ranger even resembles them startlingly in some ways, but he lacks their pure instinct for malice, of which he has none at all.  All his faults are of excessively high puppy spirits.











He looks innocent enough...















... until you learn about the big teeth and  his inclination to mouthiness.   He never bites, understand, but the wrap on Mary's wrist is useful to keep the blood off the rug. When I run him, from my bike - an arrangement at which he is a brilliant and athletic participant - he sometimes puts his mouth around my calf to let me know he wants something, all without breaking stride.












Sometimes when nobody else will tolerate your teeth anymore it works well to just bite yourself.











He's a herding dog, probably a cross of an Australian Cattle Dog with Rottweiler or maybe shepherd or both, and he herds everything in sight.  Besides herding by nipping, he often herds people with a flying chest-high full-body block, sometimes leading with his teeth, always open in a big dog laugh. He's not very big, but he really knows how to use those 40 pounds.










He is exceptionally smart, and very strong and quick, and would terrorize Siegfried if only the cat would run from him.  But Zig is 16 and wise, and Ranger has yet to reach his first birthday, and Zig just laughs him off.




















The two of us and Patrick are much attached to him.  He's been here a week, and while no dog could replace Josh, Master Sergeant Ranger has taken over our security detail with great enthusiasm.  Two weeks ago we were grieving Josh's end and had no dog besides.  We're still grieving Josh, but the house is full of puppy, and that feels pretty darn good.










T. L Ranger

Scourge of the raccoon world


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